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Outsource your Bookkeeping

Specializing in Quickbooks and Small Business.




Accounts Payable


We can help pay your bills by making sure they are accurate and paid on time. Facilitating online bill pay, printing checks for your review and sign off or simply providing A/P reports are just a few ways we can make it easier then ever!

Bank Reconciliations

Keep surprises from hitting your account, your business deposits correct and eliminate accounting errors by handing off your monthly bank reconciliations to us!

Quarterly/Annual Reports


Let us prepare and file your quarterly and annual reports on your behalf. We help avoid any missed filings which can result in a loss of good standing, penalties, and interest.

Accounts Receivable


Invoice your clients, patients, or customers or simply help you manage your ageing is our forte.



Offering payroll services tailored to fit your business, whatever your number of employees. We have done payroll for clients with over 200 employees. Contact us to see how we can make our payroll service work better for your organization.

Monthly Financials


Our turnkey financial service provides you with monthly financials so you can keep a pulse on your business and be able to manage decisions proactively.

Quickbooks Cleanup


Providing a Quickbooks cleanup so you can have reports, bank balances, income and expenses you trust is our specialty. No reason to pay your accountant $250 or more per hour to tidy up your books.

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We know how hard it is running a successful business. Whether it is Sales and Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Finances, Compliance there are so many items that require your time and attention. The last thing you want to be doing is spending your valuable time learning how to enter a bill into Quickbooks when it is so easy to outsource those tasks to a specialist.  Our goal is to help business owners like you keep your books in order. You can't manage what you don't measure. Measure your businesses success today!

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We are passionate, energetic and focused on helping small businesses grow successfully.  Many small businesses fail in the first few years because they focused on providing the best service or the best product and fail to keep their financial house in order. We started in a small family business that grew to over 65 million in sales and over 250 employees. Invoicing, payroll, paying bills, to following up with customers who were past due all were part of our responsibilities.  We wanted to help other businesses achieve their full potential as well. We formed The Divine Group in 2019 to bring together the best group of passionate individuals who shared our vision to drive small business success.



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800 NE Tenney Rd. Ste. 110-501

Vancouver, WA 98685

Tel:  360-605-2018

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